Player: Name
Fae Data
Name: Stephan Allion
Age: 147 Confidential
Tale: Terror Confidential
Motif: Dullahan Confidential
Tribe: Seelie Confidential
Mortal Data
Name: Edward White Confidential
Known Aliases: Ed None
Ethnicity: Caucasian Confidential
Age: 26 Confidential
Birthday: 30 June, 1989 Confidential
Zodiac Sign: Cancer Confidential
Height: 5' 10" Confidential
Weight: 160lbs Confidential
Eye Color: Brown/Red Confidential
Hair Color: Brown Confidential
Biographical Data
Nationality: America Confidential
Occupation: None Confidential
Place of Birth: King George City Confidential
Base of Operations: None Confidential
Marital Status: ??? Confidential
Known Relatives: His sister, Abitha, who still lives in King George City. Confidential
Known Powers
Known Abilities

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