A bar in a questionable part of town outside of both Courts' territory. Ran by Isaac Iron. Now destroyed.

Appearance Edit

Halfway down a circumspect alleyway is an Odds and Ends crafts store, selling all sorts of things from cell phones to medieval weaponry. Next to the entrance to this crafts store is a cement stairway leading to a double set of thick oaken doors, intricately designed to draw the eye away from the portcullis that is raised in front of them, directly above the door, set in bronze is a plaque that reads “Neutral Accorded Territory”. The twin doors lead to a dim-lit smoky room with wooden tables evenly spaced into rows. The floor is sunk into the ground so that the ceiling rises ten feet above it. Hanging from the ceiling, slow moving and ever spinning fans move the smoke in circles, that drift towards the doorway standing behind the bar before languidly dissipating. On either side of the door, in two of the corners of the concrete room sit circular booth tables, set so that when sitting ones back would never face the entrance. On either of the adjacent walls to the booth tables, set across from each other, reside two hearths that mirror each other six feet wide and almost as tall. During the Winter these hearths contain roaring fires to keep the room warm, and during the Summer they sit as reminders of the cold to come. During any season the room seems to remain the same comfortable temperature for most people, only losing the effect when a frigid blast of air accompanies someone into the room in winter. Opposite the entryway is the bar, a circular structure that takes up half the wall centered on a doorway that leads back into the kitchens and cellars. Made of strong oak-wood it appears to be beautifully handcrafted and stands four feet high, with a few stools placed along its circumference. The floor behind the bar is sunk deeper than the rest of the room, to both accommodate the giant man who owns the bar and to prevent random strangers who walk into the bar from realizing just how giant he truly is.

Workers Edit

Isaac Iron (Deceased) - Previous owner.